content creation

We will improve your online performence by creating content, including websites and social media strategy.


customer experience

We are customer focussed, we design, develop and apply innovations and data products with your customer in mind.


online marketing campaigns

We help you make your brand grow withy the newest insights, SEO, SEA, SMM and more.

why imaging & arts?

We will increase your brand familiarity on the web and social media.
We help you to get more visible online as a

good coorperation

We work good together with stakeholders and bride the gap between creativity and analytics. We understand your company, your business and you goals and understand how andvanced analytics can contribute to it.

your partner for

  • Webdesign
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Online Marketing
  • Website Photography

brand monitoring

We target effectively to bring your brand to the right persons. We find the right audience and are able to monitor them. We find what the crowd says about your brand and we can perform a market watch, finding out what people in your branch are talking about.

we use

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Named Entitiy Recognition

marketing analytics

We are your data & analytics partner for all your markting anlaytics use cases. We understand marketeers and work good with them togeter and make the profit from advanced tooling.

we do

  • Search Engine Optimzaion (SEO)
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Data-driven Marketing

complete online marketing solutions

Create customer insights and get value from your marketing data with

Data-driven marketing
Organic Long-Term SEO
Advanced Web Analytics
Websites and Dashboards
Brand Awareness

We help your business grow both organicaly with Search Engine Optimization as paid with Search Engine Advertisement.

Social Media Marketing

We help you drive traffic and create brand awareness through social media platforms.

Custom Website Design

We make fast, seo-friendly and affordable websites to profile yourself on the internet with your.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze your online and digital presence with Artificial Intelligence to get sentiments around your brand.

Customer Insights

We will help you to get to know your customer and engage with them. We get insights our of data and analytics.

Virtual assistants

Let smart bots and virtual assistants help your customer on your site.

our brand


Logo of Bhagwandas Artificial Intelligence Solutions (bhai.solutions)

Bhagwandas Artificial Intelligence Solutions is a solutions provider that applies Artificial Intelligence into a product or service to gain actionable insights, optimize your customer service and to reach your data-driven goals. Imaging & Arts is our creative part and is focussed on online representation, combinig advanced analytics and content creation to make you more visible online.

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our in-house projects and products

Logo of Alcoholytics, Data-driven tasting experinece and alcohol analysis


 Logo of Tasting Intelligence - dashboards for food and drink insights

Tasting Intelligence

 Logo of Tasting Intelligence - dashboards for food and drink insights

Drinks Review Virtual Assistant


we are

Imaging & Arts

The creative part of bhai.solutions. We are your creative and data & analytics partner for online marketing and online representation.

mission & vision

Our mission is to gather data of your customer, analyze it and create content to improve you customers experience (CEX).


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Drop us an email at: info@imagingandarts.com

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